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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The power of deduction - how information wants to be free

I find it amusing how people try to keep things secret, yet they talk about things which (rather directly) reveal the information they try to keep secret. Take for example the comments on this article (for my non-romanian speaking readers: it talks about the recent evolution of the EUR-RON exchange rate). One reader comments (approximately):

With the new exchange rates I'll get 200 RON more in next months salary but I'll have to pay 80 RON more rent.

One thing I need to add, that generally, in Romania, you don't discuss your salary publicly. However, using this information we can approximate it rather precisely. If we assume that s/he did the calculations correctly and that we are talking about an evolution for EUR from 3.4 RON to 3.8 RON, the commenter's approximate salary is 500 EUR and s/he pays an approximate rent of 200 EUR.

Math is great and so is my wife :-)

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