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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mixed links

Via viewing PostgreSQL locks and the queries it conflicts with.

Via the linuxhelp blog: special locations which can be used in Gnome/Nautilus.

Via the journal of brian: Markmail offers advanced methods for searching mailing archives. Yahoo just recently introduced something similar in their mail interface and it works great.

Again, via the linuxhelp blog: Top 100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications. Although many of them are very well known, probably you will find a few you didn't know about.

Yet an other great post from the linuxhelp blog about understanding the linux filesystem hierarchy.

Via the Grand Stream Dreams (GSD) blog - changes in Blogger. I know I'm a little late in the game, however it seems that the blogger platforms starts to become more mature. Originally I choose blogger over something like Wordpress because of its simplicity, but there were a few features which I would have liked to be included. They start to appear, although the post editor is still pretty weak. One thing I would have been interested in is the embedded comment form, but for some reason it doesn't seem to show up in my options. Starting from this blog post I also discovered a very nice site for all of the users of Blogger. A particularly useful link is a page to tell Blogger what featues you would like.

From the Bad CTK blog - how to make your PHP software run faster. Interestingly, just a few days ago a colleague was saying that he didn't like PHP frameworks because they overcomplicate things.

Via the linuxhelp blog: get your certificate if you downloaded Firefox 3 to help to set the Guiness World record. Below you can see mine:

Via Justin Mason's Weblog: WiX - a wiki like markup language with proper grammar.


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Re. blogs: I've been wondering late what is REALLY the difference between a blog and a wiki? Why would I maintain two? I my post, What is really the difference between a blog and a wiki..., I argue that wikis can replace blogs.

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Re. the embedded comment form: I've been surprisingly happy with Disqus as a comment platform. See an example on my English as a universal language page.