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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mixed links

Interesting series, given the current economic situation: a crash course in economics.

A two part series on what it is like to write the technical book from one of the authors of "High Performance MySQL":

It is very interesting, especially the technical methods used to automatically detect parts which may be overly complex (hint: he used Perl :-)). The editor's reply sadly seems to be very weak. I say sadly, because I would have expected better from O'Reilly.

From Buzz Out Loud: Boxee, an online TV service (which supports Linux from the start - w00t. They are invitation only and I yet to receive my invitation. My biggest question is: will this be international or limited to the USA like many other services?

A slightly older post: Microsoft moved MSDN and Technet on Hype-V VM's. While it is great that MS is eating its own dogfood (because it will result in better products for endusers), but this is a clear case where using VM's does not make sense (they say it in the results - physical boxes were 21% more powerful). These servers were highly specialized and replicated (so if one goes down it's not the end of the world - meaning that there is no need for live migration) and probably the infrastructure was in place to build a server from scratch in less than an hour. Such setups make sense as a stepping-stone, when this infrastructure is not yet in place.

The linkedin architecture - my favorite lesson learned: "Forget about 100% data integrity".

Via the Tasty Research blog: a paper claims that we all have a "happiness level" which we are born with and that we can't deviate from that in the long term. Interesting.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 announced - when I first looked at the title I've thought that it was talking about Windows NT 4.0 :-D


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