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Monday, January 12, 2009

Two new podcasts

Just wanted to announce two new podcasts I've started listening to, and maybe they would be of interest to people interested in security:

  • The IT Security Pubcast - a South African podcast with security professionals who have real, hands-on experience with the physical aspects of security. Being a more electronic-only guy, this is a very interesting source for me. Also, the sound quality is very good. If you are interested in security, be sure to listen to it, it's well worth your time.
  • The Reality Check podcast. From the host of the Silver Bullet podcast. It is described as:

    The Reality Check Podcast with Gary McGraw will focus on software security practitioners and practical software security. We’ll interview people involved in running large-scale software security initiatives.


  1. Hi there, This is Graham "The Black" Adler from the IT Security Pubcast. Thank you for your comment about our effort. How did you find us? I assume you are external to South Africa and if you don't mind telling where? We are starting other podcasts which will address different levels and different audiences.

  2. I should have read further in the blog... Thanks though. We mus do beers sometime ;-)