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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Official" DDoS tools

There are quite a few people who perform computer attacks while claiming political reasons. The Arbor Network blog discusses a recent example: a group of people asking you to download and run their tool it "help israel" (this could maybe be called "political-engineering", and is quite curious, because people are being told that the downloaded file is an attack tool, yet people still execute it).

I wanted to take a look at the file, to see what it does, but currently (luckily) all three domains are unavailable currently (with the .com domain being "on-hold").

Needless to say you should never, ever download and run such executables. How could you trust people who are determined to hurt others (other computers) not to hurt you (your computer)?

Update: the guys at SANS managed to get their hands on a sample and have a more detailed technical writeup.


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