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Thursday, January 22, 2009

This made my day!

I was wondering about the opening music for the Pauldotcom podcast and I couldn't manage to find it. However, Paul was kind enough to write back to me and say that it is from a group called Burnshee Thornside. I went to their site and discovered not only the theme song ("Wish I Could Write Lyrics Like Bob Dylan"), but also the (old) theme song for an other podcast I liked (Casting From The Server Room) and never could figure out either ("Chevrolet").

Here are the albums for your enjoyment (if you are reading this from an online reader and not seeing it, you might need to come to my blog, because some RSS readers block third party Javascript / Flash for security reasons):

The Art of Not Blending In by Burnshee Thornside

Rock This Moon by Burnshee Thornside

Blues and misc by Burnshee Thornside


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