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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mixed links

From Graph Gear, a very nice flash based open source (!) graphing solution. Very nice if you want to display graphs online.

Interesting to know: why is Italy excluded from all online contests?

From devnet's bookmarks: SS64 - command references for Windows, Linux (bash), Powershell and Oracle. This site is a good resource which comes up frequently in my searches for command line-fu.

Asus launches the Eee keyboard. Having started on a TV connected minicomputer, this is very cool! (although not very useful IMHO)

Want to save ink? Use Ecofont. Or better yet, don't print out stuff :-)

Via Didier Stevens: phidgets - very cool pre-assembled hardware extenders for your PC. Very cool. It is multi platform (Win, Linux, Mac and Win Mobile - wow!). I wonder if it would work with a router running OpenWRT...

From One Laptop Per Hacker. Sounds interesting. Wonder what they want in return...

Interesting idea to exploit compilers. You can find my test results with lcc-win32 in the comments.

Two cent tips from the Linux gazette, including audio feedback on ping and using the bash variables.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    There's a good chance Phidgets work with OpenWRT. I got it working with SlugOS on my nslu2, details in an upcoming post.