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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pidgin (Gaim) needs your support!

The author of the free, open-source multi-protocol IM client Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim - OS X users might know it at Adium) have put up a survey. From the announcement:

2008 has been a slightly unusual year for the Pidgin chat client. Improvements were made, but the biggest news was caused by unhappy users. That's one of the reasons why I created a user survey to figure out what the big issues are.

If you're a Pidgin user, please fill the survey out! It should only take a couple of minutes and will be invaluable in figuring out how to improve Pidgin.

So, if you are a Pidgin user, please take 2-3 minutes off your time and fill out the survey for the benefit of all of us!


  1. The link seems to work fine for me. Note that there is a (rather small) "Next >" button towards the middle/lower part of the page which you need to press to start the survey.