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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mixed links

On the Extra Pepperoni blog I've read about Google’s 404 Service. Apparently they have a service whereby they can suggest links to people who arrived to a non-existing page on your site. Interesting...

From ICANN comes an updated version of the Whois Inaccuracy Reporting System (or WDPRS - Whois Data Problem Reporting System). You can find it here. Again, interesting, but I'm not sure what happens after you report a domain. Does it get taken offline? (not very likely) Most probably they will change the address to an other (fake) one or move behind one of those "privacy protection" systems.

From the Anti Phising Working Group comes the Phishing education landing page. The idea is that ISPs - when taking down phising sites - would redirect phised users here. An interesting idea, and potentially very effective, given the immediate feedback users receive (they are being told what they've done wrong as soon as they click the link).


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