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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was reading about dynamic proxies in Java (sidenote: it is interesting how similar concepts get implemented in languages which are considered "far apart" - take the foreach loop or "magic" getters and setters, all of which are present in PHP, Java and Perl - just in the languages I used recently) and came upon this blog post. At the end of it there was a comment which seemed very familiar:

werutzb 10.07.08 / 7pm


I want to extend my SQL knowledge. I red really many SQL resources and would like to read more about SQL for my position as mysql database manager.

What can you recommend?

Thanks, Werutz

I vaguely remember rejecting a similar comment on my blog. When I searched around I found a lot of other cases (around 12 000). However what struck me as odd, was the fact that the comment didn't contain links, nor did the name ("homepage"). So what is this? A stupid spammer who forgot to include actual links? Or is somebody testing some kind of automated tool to see where s/he can spam? Or something else?


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