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Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you don't know English, ...

Scott Hanselman thinks that I'm linkbaiting. Just wanted to let everyone know, I stand 100% behind my affirmation that

If you don't know English you are not a programmer.

I personally think that the following commenter (also cited in the blog) nailed it:

It would *seem* (totally non-scientific sampling) that the non-English speakers (as a first language anyway) tend to agree with the statement "If you don't know English, you're not a programmer" more than native English speakers.

Hmmm, now let me think, what is the difference between English and non-English speakers who get this question? That's right, the non-English speakers actually have first hand experience with the problem, while the English speakers are most probably only talking about hypothetical situations or from a (misguided) sense of "political correctness".


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