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Monday, January 01, 2007

Some links

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions - a must visit for geeks. I wished it had more ships.

Via Lifehacker: DivShare - upload and share your files. No bandwidth limit. I fail to see a revenue model so I predict that they'll disappear relatively fast but until then it is very nice (no ads, no need to create an account)

Via Sunbelt blog: Boing Boing site statistics - The keywords which are used to search for Boing Boing are very surprising (warning, NSFW!)

Windows Spy - a handy little Spy++ like tool. If you need to debug some window issues and you don't have Spy++ available

What do you do when DNS Stuff is down? You try AjaxDNS (via Ajaxian) - the interface is confusing (it took me some time that I had to enter the site in the upper right corner) and isn't nearly as advanced as DNSStuff. Also, there is no real advantage in using AJAX here (other than the cool factor). It actually was faster for me to look in the help of nslookup than to figure this interface out.

The first videos from 22C3 started appearing

A very good writeup about piracy in the digital world

How to clean malware, with Mark Russinovich - a very, very good presentation. Unfortunately it only seems to work with IE (even on Windows) and requires you to have a Windows Live account (hint: this is the same as Microsoft Passport or Hotmail - so you can use either one of those).

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hi + Happy New Year !

    For those who are having problems, or don't want to go through ALL the stupid hhops etc, i've posted the direct links to access the Advanced Malware Cleaning video + PPT presentation by Mark Russinovich in here -