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Monday, January 29, 2007

End even more links

The Vista team replies to the to the DRM criticism - sort of. While the some of the concerns are directly answered (ie. the whole video output is not degraded, only the video playback window is), others are not or only dubiously treated. I won't run Vista for quite some time, this is sure.

Komodo is releasing a free version of their IDE. This is very exciting and I'm downloading it as we speak. Although the page on the difference between the two products is not very clear (am I to understand that all those features are only available in the IDE?) it's still exciting.

On Intervideo and software protection for dummies. Would please somebody give them a clue.

The three types of authentication :-D

A new cartoon:

A very nice example of what you can do with the right intuition: Psychic Cryptanalysis.

An interesting project aiming to get the offline installation of software packages on Linux more readily available: Hyper-Get. This is very much in need if you wish to use your Linux computer off-line and this is one of the reasons I didn't use Linux until recently.


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