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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RegEx which matches strings not containing a substring

2091640491_33206332cb_b This is an interesting problem which can appear in certain cases (although not very often). A little searching around led me to many posts stating that there is no easy solution and the following easy solution:

^((?!my string).)*$

It works as follows: the matching string must contain zero or more characters which are not preceded (?! is the negative look behind operator) by the given string.

It is quite straight-forward, uses operators which are widely supported by regualar expression engines and works even if “my string” is at the end of the string we are trying to match – for reasons which are not entirely clear to me.

Obviously it is a hack and you shouldn’t use it if you can use a clearer way to indicate your intention, but it is a nifty tool to have in your toolbox for that one moment when you need it.

Picture taken from crowt59's photostream with permission.


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