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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Launching The Twit Feeder

As the readers of the blog know, I've been slicing and dicing the Twitter RSS feed for some time. Finally I launched a free service which wraps all the improvements in one, easy to use and best of all, free (!) service: The Twit Feeder.

Cross-Posted from The Twit Feeder blog:

Efficiency is key for anyone consuming large amount of information. One of the keys to efficiency is to centralize your information consumption as much as possible. This is the reason why I chose to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the Twitter accounts I liked, instead of using the built-in follow mechanism: because I already use Google Reader and it is much less cumbersome to add an other feed into it, than to add an other site to my daily routine.

The Twitter RSS is a little lacking in features (understandably so, since it isn't their main focus), so I've created a service which "enriches" the plain RSS feed:

  • @links and #hashtags are made clickable (example)
  • short URLs are expanded (example)
  • the avatar of the author is shown (example)
  • smileys are transformed into their pictorial representation
  • it is possible to subscribe for hashtag feeds, not just individual users (example)
  • geo-tagged status updates contain a link to the map showing the location (example)

So there you have it. Use it, enjoy it, support it.

PS. What should the next feature added be? I can think of two:

Do you like these features? Vote for them by starring them. Have other ideas? Add it to our issue tracker. Also, bribes are welcome and they speed up the implementation of a feature considerably ;-)

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