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Monday, July 13, 2009


Tout va bien (1972)

Posted: 12 Jul 2009 02:30 AM PDT

You can find movie references in the weirdest places: I found this one in a 30+ year old book that I've read (Szasz Janos: Amerikabol Jottem).

Too HIP to be Clomp-y

Posted: 11 Jul 2009 04:42 AM PDT

This is nice: how to get your code into the address space of an other process? Just pass it at the command line (then locate it in the new process and CreateRemoteThread :-). An other variation of this might be to pass it in the environment block (although the program might act weirder than with a funky command line...). For both methods you need a shellcode which doesn't contain zeroes!


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