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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twitter Content

And here is an other pipe: did you find it annoying that when you subscribe to the RSS feed for a Twitter account (not being a Twitter head myself – probably because I don’t have time to write short posts :P - I subscribe to the RSS feed rather than “follow” them) that they put the content in the title rather than the body? This pipe fixes it, with other added bonuses too:

  • links are made clickable
  • short links are transformed to their longer variants (the DeShortify pipe is used – this means currently there is support for TinyURL and – also, it currently processes only the first link, however – given the 140 character limit of Twitter – this doesn’t seem to be a big limitation)

To use it, go to the Twitter Content Pipe Page, enter the Twitter username you want to subscribe to, press “Run Pipe” and get the resulting RSS feed. As a structure, this pipe is rather simple – is passes the fields trough a sub-pipe and assigns them to an other field:



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