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Friday, February 27, 2009

8bit music


I was checking out the site of the hugi e-zine the other day, where I came over the next announcement:

22 December 2008: News: CGM UKScene Radio is back online
News from Solorize: "I have decided to start up the station again! With Nectarine being down I thought I should start streaming again as I do have a lot of demoscene music, which I am sure a lot of people would like to hear again. I have put together a very simple website (but I will revamp it when I have more time):, and the new stream URL is: I have opted for a 32kbps parametric stereo AAC+ stream as it will allow more listeners and still gives good quality sound."

And sure enough, you can listen to great retro music on the station. It brings back memories of the old videogames I used to play on my 386 :-). Give it a try! (If you are looking for a great no-fluff media player for Windows, check out foobar2000 – it is free, very lightweight and can do everything you can imagine).

Image taken from Wbs 70's photostream with permission.


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