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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hack the Gibson - Episode #68

Read the reason for these posts. Read Steve Gibson's response.

Again, this episode was mostly technically correct (as far as I observed), there are only a couple of things I would like to comment on:

ReadyBoost has nothing to do with booting. Is simply uses the flash drive (while running) to store the page file, because the flash devices have better random access times than classical hard drives. See the ReadyBoost Q&A or the Wikipedia entry on ReadyBoost.

The thing with the firewalls comes up again. Please, Steve stop for a moment and spell it out for the people: there always were and always will be fully 100% documented and supported APIs to implement firewalls (AKA packet filters) on Windows. And this is true for Windows 2000 and Windows XP as well, not just Windows Vista. So you don't have to buy Vista to get a well behaved firewall.

Regarding FreeBSD runs Windows drivers: no, it doesn't. Only a very small fraction of them - those intended for wireless cards. It can do this, because it knows that they will call only a very small part of the available kernel APIs, so it is enough the emulate those.

This is it folks...


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