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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Are our leaders becoming dumber?

Usually I stay away from politics, but I'll make an exception from time to time. After listening to a speech of former US president Bill Clinton I have to wonder how people could choose a man who can't put talk for 10 minutes in front of a crowd without making some pronunciation or grammatical error after they had a president who could speak articulately and coherently and respond to non-scripted questions in an intelligent manner.

This isn't a US-only phenomenon. Closer to home, both in Hungary and Romania the current leaders are mentally less capable than the former ones. A sad story from the last elections in Hungary - when they asked a voter why he voted against the former leader he said something along the lines of: when he spoke he used words which I could not understand. I want a president that speaks my language! - all I can say is: get a dictionary.


  1. people could choose a man who can't put talk for 10 minutes...

    Too funny! I'm sure you did this on purpose, providing an example of a grammatical error for your readers! ;-)

  2. No, I didn't do it on purpose, but the fact is that Firefox 2.0 has only a limited spellcheck and usually I think faster than I write and I'm also to impatient to double check my posts :)