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Monday, February 16, 2009

Interesting (and informative) videos

10 Things about Hard Drives:

Also check out the guy's YouTube page, because it contains two other interesting videos from the domain of data recovery (and he seems to be somebody who actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to hard drives, not like some other people).

Tyler Pitchford - They Took My Laptop! Search and Seizure Explained – watch it at If you don’t have QuickTime installed, you can download the m4v file and watch it in VLC for example.

System 2008: What is Google Website Optimizer? – if you have a website (or work on websites) this is something to watch.

John Resig: Drop-in JavaScript Performance – I’m still in the process of watching this, but it should be real interesting (for the ones who don’t know: John Resig is the “jQuery guy”).

Credits: I’ve got the links for some of the videos from the Security4All blog.


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